List 1: Day 10,240

Here are 7 things that have happened recently, followed by 7 things you should check out. Instead of creating a travel blog, which I will eventually abandon, I’ve decided to create something that transcends a single life event. 

1.  I’m in Quito, Ecuador right now.

2.  My roommate is a 20 year old french-man and saavantish blues guitarist.

3.  Our Ecuadorian family consists of a grandmother (Ana Maria Grancha), her daughter (Amankay), son in law (Ricardo), and their 3 kids (Juliana-6, Micaela-4, and Martina- 6 mos.).  Ana Maria is a former Anthropology professor and has a complicated relationship with her cat.

4. Each day for lunch I eat “fritada”; a common street food here in Ecuador.  Fritada consists of moté (hominy) or mais (corn), fresh pork (fried skin included), salted avocado, and sweet, cold sauce usually containing onions, herbs, and a local fruit.  I buy it from a woman on the corner of Catalina Aldaz and Avn. Portugal.  To prepare I bring $1.75 which includes a drink.

5. On my first day of class I chipped my tooth and the entire left side of my body was sprayed with warm tar (including my face).  Both were accidents.

6.  Today, I’ve been alive 10,240 days. (

7.  My skype username is Lukestero.

Tasty Treats follow……….

1.  Hipsters Are Bad, Period:

2.  Brain Attack:

3.  New Music Now:!/lucasowens

4.  Schools Kill Creativity:

5.  Another Best Music of 2010 List:

6.  Hendrix and the Experience, Sweden:

7.  Hat and Cane Self-Defense:  The way gentleman settle things.

Using a hat to defend yourself. A hat can also be used to distract or temporarily blind an attacker. When an attacker gets near you, take off your hat with a sweeping motion, and burrow your opponents face into it. Either make a blow to his stomach or take him down to the ground to put him in a submission hold.
A hat can also be used as a shield to defend yourself from punches or attacks from knives. Holding the hat firmly by the brim in your left hand, hold the hat away from your body to the side. If an attacker makes a thrust at you with a knife, catch the blow with your hat and make a blow to the attackers face with your free hand.

As mentioned, Bartitsu is a mix of several martial arts. What follows is a brief explanation on how to perform a few useful moves from these martial arts.
Basic Cane Fighting Techniques.

The jab. The jab can be performed with either the point or the butt of the cane. Using the point is more effective and will cause greater amounts of pain. Perform the jab by quickly stabbing your opponent and retracting your hand quickly. The quickness of the jab makes it a difficult move to defend.

The thrust. The thrust is similar to the jab in that you use a stabbing motion. It differs from the jab because it’s delivered over a longer distance and requires full extension of the arm. Standing in an attack position, quickly lunge forward, and extend the tip of the cane towards your attacker. For added oomph, put as much of your body weight behind the thrust as you can.
Cuts. Cuts can be performed either high or low, in up, down, right, or left directions. A cut is performed with a chopping motion. Downward cuts are probably the strongest motion and are also the most difficult to defend.

Closing Thought:  Housewife on Acid:  1950’s video shows LSD’s groovy effects.